Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dec 2011 in Japan: Enoshima.

The beach in the foreground. Enoshima in the distance. We can see the Enoshima Observation Lighthouse perched on the island too.
"Enoshima is a small island at the mouth of the Katase-gawa River that flows into Sagami Bay. The island is approximately four kilometers, and it is linked with the opposite shore of Katase by the 600-meter-long Enoshima-ohashi Bridge." Source: Japan National Tourism Organisation.

Taken from the Katase end of the Enoshima-ohashi Bridge. See the Lighthouse?
The beach on mainland. During summer, it would be packed with people.
The start of an upward journey.
Halfway up, you could pay to take the escalator. Yes, it is not free. I didn't bother with the escalator.
A shot I took of the yacht harbor as I continued the climb.
Entrance to the Tropical Botanical Garden. Buy your entry tickets here.
Inside the garden: A Chinese style pavilion and the Lighthouse in the background.
Enoshima Observation Lighthouse up close. That's my hand holding up a brochure and the entry ticket.
An avenue of trees in the garden.
Many roses in the garden.
The French Toast here is to die for! Make sure you stop here for some.
French toast! Delectable. What's all the stuff on top? See the next photo.
This was what I had!
Lon Cafe's entrance.
Enoshima-ohashi Bridge connecting Enoshima to Katase on the mainland. See the beaches of grey sand on either side of the bridge?
Rice crackers made with whitebait! Remember to get some if you see it. Bring some back. It is simply delicious! I got some as I was leaving the island.
Now, how do we get to Enoshima from Tokyo? Take the JR Yokosuka Line to Kamakura. Then, take the Enoden Line to Enoshima Station.

On board the Enoden Line.
Enoshima Station.
The train I took.
Kawaii! Enjoy Enoshima!


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