Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Super Star Gemini.

It was my first time taking a cruise on Super Star Gemini. All my previous cruise holidays were on the Super Star Virgo.

The Super Star Gemini is a smaller ship and the interior is not as grand as the Super Star Virgo's. It is also slower and the same 4 days 3 nights could only bring us as far as Langkawi and not Phuket which is a shame because I like Phuket.

Super Star Virgo

Super Star Gemini
Definitely not as grand a lobby as Virgo's.

Thankfully, the room with windows are a decent size. In fact, I would say that our room felt a bit bigger but I could be wrong.

The blue couch in the far right becomes a bed.
There is a curtain for separation of space.
So, it is like a 1+1 apartment which is a nice touch.
Transformed. It was quite comfortable too.
I am going to share some photos of the ship's facilities next:

Pool midship.
Kids's pool and outdoor buffet area.
Basketball court.
Health club which is also where we find the gym.
I spent some time here burning away some calories.
The Gemini has more shops compared to Virgo.
More shops.
Swimming pool aft.
This is where all the live performances took place, Stardust Lounge.
Not as big and organised as The Lido on the Virgo but it works.
I will blog about the food, the entertainment as well as the ports of call, Penang and Langkawi soon.

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