Friday, 10 January 2014

Osaka: Dōtonbori.

Sharing some photos of Dōtonbori in Osaka. This is also where Luz Shinsaibashi, a mall owned by Croesus Retail Trust, is located.

If you are interested, you could read more about Croesus Retail Trust in my investment blog: here.

Dōtonbori is a single street, running alongside the Dōtonbori canal between the Dōtonboribashi Bridge and the Nipponbashi Bridge in the Namba ward of Osaka. Source: Wikipedia.

Since I stayed in a hotel in Namba, this was just a stone's throw away for me. If you are interested in the hotel I stayed in, see the photos and comments: here.

Giant neon sign of the Glico Man, a famous landmark.

Dōtonbori is the main destination for food travel in Osaka and is always crowded at night. What is it like in the morning?

Since my hotel was just a stone's throw away, I went for an early morning stroll along the river one day.

It was definitely a very different feeling as you could probably imagine from the photos above. A very refreshing experience.

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